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Keynote Speakers

Monday,12 March 2018

09:00-10:00 Registration (Foyer Hall C/D)

10:00-10:30 Opening (ECC Room 1)


Dr. Klaus Ritter, President of EITEP Institute, Germany

10:30-11:00 Keynote Speech (ECC Room 1)

Keynote Speech

Prof. Dr. Gerald Linke, Chairman of the Board of Directors, DVGW - German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water, Germany

11:00-12:30 Opening Panel Discussion "Safety" (ECC Room 1)

Session Chair

Heinz Watzka, Senior Advisor, EITEP Institute, Germany


Dr. Mustafa Abusalah, Senior Knowledge Management Specialist, CCC - Consolidated Contractors Company, Greece


Olugbenga Adebayo, Head, Pipelines & Flowlines, Shell Nigeria Exploration & Production Company Limited, Nigeria


Prof. Dr. Gerald Linke, Chairman of the Board of Directors, DVGW - German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water, Germany


Tobias Walk, Head of Projects Business Unit – Pipeline Systems, ILF Consulting Engineers, Germany

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Session Chair: Dennis Fandrich, Director Conferences, EITEP Institute, Germany

09:00-10:00 Plenary Session "Remarkable Projects" (ECC Room 1)

“EUGAL – For a Secure Supply of Natural Gas in Europe”

Bernd Vogel, Technical Director, GASCADE Gastransport, Germany

"Restructuring of the Mexican gas supply: CENAGAS’ Pipeline Integrity Management Plan"
Juan Enrique Gonzalez Azuara, Head of the Transportation and Storage Division, National Control Center for Natural Gas (CENAGAS), Mexico

10:00-10:30 ptc Photo Contest - Award Ceremony (ECC Room 1) (ECC Room 1)

10:00-10:30 ptc Photo Contest - Award Ceremony (ECC Room 1) (ECC Room 1)

11:00-12:30 Closing Panel Discussion "Public Perception / Social Acceptance" (ECC Room 1)

Session Chair

Prof. Dr. Marcus Mattis, Managing Director, multi utility consulting, Germany


Prof. Dr. Phil Hopkins, Independent Consultant, Phil Hopkins Ltd., United Kingdom


Dr. Thomas Hüwener, Managing Director Technical Services, Open Grid Europe / Vice President, Gas, DVGW - German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water, Germany


Asle Venas, Global Pipeline Director, DNV GL, Norway


Dr. Fritz von Hammerstein, Lawyer and Partner, CMS Hasche Sigle, Germany

Listing of the already confirmed presentations

Joint conference program of ptc and pasc

"Trial Of A Process For The Identification Of Reduced Depth Of Cover On Buried Pipelines"
Paul Ogden, Senior Civil Engineer, National Grid, United Kingdom
Daniel Finley, Senior Engineer , ROSEN Group, Switzerland

"A New Level Of Accuracy For Geometry Inspections With Ultrasound"
Dr. Thomas Hennig, Global Manager Product Management, NDT Global, Germany

"The New 2016 Pipeline Operators Forum (POF) Specification; A Vendors Experience"
Dr. Mike Kirkwood, Market Segment Director - Transmission Solutions, T.D. Williamson, United Arab Emirates

"A Case Study On Retrieval Of Stuck Scrapper From An In Service LPG Pipeline - Challenges And Learning"
Shankar Datt Pande, General Manager, Operation & Mantenance, Indianoil Corporation, India

"Inspection Of Challenging Pipelines - Latest Developments And Case Studies"
Ulrich Schneider, Business Development Manager, KTN, Norway

"Improvements of an inspection technique for unpiggable pipeline diagnostics from above ground"
Mark Glinka, Managing Director, Electromagnetic Pipeline Testing, Germany

"Increased safety against dangerous gas leaks by means of laser and ultrasonic technology"
Martin T. Olesen, Business Development Manager for International FGFD, MSA Technologies and Enterprise Services, Germany

"Data-Driven Approaches To Pipeline Cleaning"
Otto Huisman, Product Manager, Sales Manager, ROSEN Germany, Germany

"Condition Assessment For Optimizing Gasunie’s Network Improvement Program (GNIP)"
Karen van Bloemendaal, Principal Consultant, Asset Integrity Management. DNV GL, The Netherlands
Martin van Agteren, Senior Adviseur Asset Management, Gasunie, The Netherlands

"Emergency Response For Colombian Crude Oil Pipeline"
Dr. Michael Kasch, Project Manager – Pipeline Systems, ILF Consulting Engineers, Germany

"Crucial Steps For Pipeline Integrity Management System Establishment In South Pars"
Emad Farahani, Deputy of Supervisor of Corrosion and Inspection Eng. Dep, Pars Oil and Gas Company, Iran

"Assessing Repeat ILI Data Using Signal-To-Signal Comparison Techniques"
Sarah Jane Dawson, Principal Consultant, Integrity Engineering, Baker Hughes, a GE company, United Kingdom

"Steel Pipeline Failure Probability Evaluation Based On In-Line Inspections Results"
Witek Maciej, Manager, Gas Transmission Operator GAZ-SYSTEM, Poland

"Ensuring Reliable Operation Through Lifetime Extension Studies For Pipeline Systems"
Alvaro Ernesto Forero Torres, Asset Integrity Management - Lead Engineer, Bureau Veritas - Technical Center Europe, France

"RoCorr MFL-A Ultra – Making the Invisible Visible; How pipeline operators benefit from the highest resolution available in inline inspection."
Johannes Spille, Project Manager New Services, ROSEN, Germany

"How To Organize The Cyber Security Of Your Pipeline Management System?"
Martin te Lintelo, Business Development Manager Oil & Gas, Yokogawa Europe, The Netherlands

"Cyber Security For Pipelines"
Stephen Hill, Sales Leader, Honeywell, United Kingdom

"Smart Pipeline Management: Operating Pipelines Safely And Cybersecure"
Venkatesh Ramaswamy, Sales Manager HIMA Middle East, HIMA Paul Hildebrandt, Germany

"Good practices for the diagnosis of Cybersecurity in Industrial Environments"
Ernesto Landa, Coordinador de Seguridad de la Información, COGA - Compañía Operadora de Gas del Amazonas, Peru

"Pipe Manufacturing Challenges For Nord Stream 2 Project"
Christian Kassel, Senior Manager, EUROPIPE, Germany

"System pressure test for offshore pipelines - Are there alternatives?"
Asle Venas, Senior Pipeline Specialist, DNV GL, Norway

"On-Bottom Stability Design Challenges For Subsea Pipelines With Extensive Crossings"
Yasser Soliman, Subsea Pipeline Engineer, ADNOC Offshore, United Arab Emirates

"An Innovative Technology Of Non-Contact Magnetic Tomography Method For Subsea Pipeline"
Raja Zahirudinbin Raja Ismail, Principal Engineer (Pipeline Integrity), Petroliam Nasional Berhad Malaysia (Petronas), Malaysia

"Inspecting Pipelines With Discovery™, The World’s First Subsea CT Scanner"
Jennifer Briddon, Integrity Engineer, Tracerco, United Kingdom

"Deep Water ILI Tool Development And 5 Years Operational Experience"
Basil Hostage, Business Development Manager, 3P Services, Germany
Ollivier Gillieron, NDT/Inspection Engineer, Total E & P, France

"Nonintrusive Pipeline Internal Deposition Mapping Service Provides Insight To Operators"
Keith Drummond, Region Technical Sales Manager - Pipeline & Process Services - Europe & Sub-Saharan Africa, Halliburton, United Kingdom

"An Investigation Into How To Optimize The Effect Of Drag Reducing Agents On The Flowrate And Pressure In Single Phase Fluid Pipelines"
Ahmad Mamoun Y. Naffa'a, Engineer, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

"Pipeline Vibrations – Measurements Under Difficult Conditions"
Patrick Tetenborg, Project Engineer, KÖTTER Consulting Engineers GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

"Geotechnical Monitoring Of Pipelines Located In Difficult Climatic Conditions"
Elizaveta Makarycheva, Senior Researcher, The Pipeline Transport Institute (PTI, LLC), Russia

"Geohazard Challenges Facing Major Oil And Gas Pipelines In East And North Africa"
Prodromos Psarropoulos, Structural & Geotechnical Engineer, M.Sc., Ph.D., National Technical University of Athens, Greece

"Concept Of Designing Lightning Protection Systems In Hazardous Areas - Advantage Of Special 3D Planning Tools"
Manfred Kienlein, Global Account Manager Process Industry, DEHN + SÖHNE, Germany

"Improved Charpy Toughness in the Inter-critically reheated Coarse Grained HAZ of High Strength Steel Welds"
Frank Barbaro, Professor, University of Wollongong, Australia

"Effect of welding defects on mechanical properties and fatigue life of girth welds of X80 steel pipe"
Lihua Qi, Senior Engineer, Tubular Goods Research Center Of CNPC, China

"Influence Of Processing Parameters On Recrystallization Behavior For API-X70 Steel"
Dr. Abdullah Al-Shahrahani, Lead Scientist, SABIC, Saudi Arabia

"Case Study On Environmental Cracking Resistance Assessment Of Welded Segments Of An Interconnecting Sour Gas Feed Pipeline"
Reza Ghorbani, Head of Corrosion, South Pars Gas Complex, Iran

"Complex Research Of Metal Properties Of Long-Lived Pipes Of The Main And Technological Pipelines"
Sergei Skorodumov, Senior researcher, The Pipeline Transport Institute (PTI, LLC), Russia

"Corrosion Protection Of Steel Reinforcements For Spoolable Pipe"
Christof Dewijngaert, Product Manager, Bridon Bekaert, Belgium

"First Full-scale Deployment of Nonmetallic Piping in a Newly Developed Oil Field Increment at Saudi Aramco"
Abdulelah Almehlisi, Lead Engineer, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

"Fiber Optic Pipeline Monitoring Technology - Perspective Of New Generation"
Markus Dorn, Product Management, Siemens, Austria

"Enhancing Pipeline Integrity with Fiber Optic Sensing"
Marco Rettig, Business Development Eastern Europe & Middle East, OptaSense, United Kingdom

"High Fidelity Dynamic Sensing with Advanced Fiber Optic Technology"
Steven Koles, President & CEO, Hifi Engineering, Canada

"The New TRFL 2017 And How To Fulfil The Requirements Regarding Leak Detection Systems"
Daniel Vogt, Product Management, KROHNE, Germany

"Pipeline Safety In Germany - Why The Lines Are So Safe With Regard To Leak Detection"
Rene Landstorfer, Operations Manager, GOTTSBERG Leak Detection, Germany

"Development Of Subsurface Monitoring And Leak Detection System"
Adrian Banica, CEO & CTO, Direct-C, Canada

"Pipeline Monitoring As A Tool Against Fuel Theft And Accidental Leak"
Noe Lucero, Chief Technology Officer, Asel Tech, United States

"Real-Time Pipeline Monitoring With The Industrial Internet Of Things"
Murat Ocalan, CEO, Rheidiant, United States

"Enhanced Operating Efficiencies And Safety Using The World Of IoT"
Alastair Maclachlan, Senior Consultant - Pipelines, Oil and gas, Dashboard Ltd, United Kingdom

"Reduction In Risk From Third Party Damage To LPG Pipelines In India"
S. S. Gupta, General Manager (Inspection), Indian Oil Corporation, India

"Finite Element Analysis, Full-Scale Testing And Case Study Of Composite Reinforcement Of Defected Girth Weld Joints On Vintage Pipelines"
Dr. Mahdi Kiani, R & D Testing Engineer, Citadel Technologies, United States

"Emergency Pipeline Repair In Practice- Insight In Today’s EPRS System"
Rahul Raghukumar, Pipeline Engineer, IRM Systems, The Netherlands

"Advanced Methods For Optimization Of Composite Repair Technologies"
Matthew A. Green, Vice President of Technical Services, NRI (Neptune Research, Inc.), United States

"Innovative Trenchless Solutions For Pipeline Crossings And Landfalls"
Diana Rennkamp, Product Manager Pipeline, Herrenknecht, Germany

"The Definition Of The Application Boundaries Of Directional Drilling Technology In The Construction Of Underwater Passages Of Main Pipeline"
Dmitry Shatalov, Deputy Head of Laboratory of Linear Part and Underwater Passages, The Pipeline Transport Institute (PTI, LLC), Russia

"Trenchless rehabilitation of water mains with a Kevlar reinforced composite lining system"
Andreas Gross, Head of International Business Development, RÄDLINGER PRIMUS LINE, Germany

"IPLOCA - Fostering Innovation in the Pipeline Industry"
Daniel Gasquet, Representative, IPLOCA - International Pipeline & Offshore Contractors Association, Switzerland

"Innovation in Construction – Practical Approach"
Dr. Mustafa Abusalah, Senior Knowledge Management Specialist, CCC - Consolidated Contractors Company, Greece

"Safer & More Environmentally Friendly Material Handling Solutions Using Vacuum"
Rob Verwilligen, European Business Director, Vacuworx Global, United States

"Numerical Simulation Of External Loads On Buried Pipelines"
Johannes Brückner, Structural Engineer, Open Grid Europe, Germany

"Pipeline construction equipment, flexibility required"
Paul Waanders, Int. Sales Manager, Maats Pipeline Equipment, The Netherlands

"Coordinated construction of supply networks in Berlin"
Ulrike Franzke, Head of Wastewater Disposal, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, Germany

"Is The Gas N-1 Standard Of The EU Regulation A Good Indicator Of The Security Of Gas Supply Of A Country?"
Nicola Zaccarelli, Scientific Technical Officer, European Commission, Italy

"Hydrogen Infeed To Natural Gas Grid - Overview"
Guntram Schnotz, Technical Head of Inspection Body Natural Gas Sector, TÜV SÜD Industrie Service, Germany

"Key Challenges In The Mechanical And Thermal Design Of Insulated Pipelines"
Kai Bauerbach, Senior Discipline Engineer, MMEC Mannesmann GmbH, Germany

"Application of stochastic aging models to increase asset value profit for urban infrastructures "
Dr. Robert Stein, Managing Director, S&P Consult, Germany

"Optimizing Your Asset Replacement Strategy"
Huub Roeterink, Principal Consultant Oil & Gas, DNV GL, The Netherlands

"Is Water the New Oil? Towards Better Integrity Management of Water Networks"
Julian Piquemal, Specialist Engineer, Bureau Veritas, Germany

"Wastewater Resilience Planning"
Timothy Monahan, Project Manager, SRT Consultants, United States

"Interconnectivity And Traceability Applied To Continuous Methane Emissions Monitoring In The Gas Industry"
Alan Vidal, Managing Director, GAZOMAT, United States

"The Countermeasure Method And The Monitoring Of Fatigue Failure Of Irrigation Pipelines"
Yoshikazu Tanaka, Senior Researcher, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan

"Verification For Plastic Manholes - Uplift By Water Pressure"
Ricky Selle, Director, Selle Consult, Germany

"Risk Based Model For Sectionalizing Valves In Liquid Pipelines"
Mohanned Waleed Khalid Tarabzouni, Oil & Gas Pipeline Engineer, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

"Pipeline Burst Valve"
Kishen Prathivadi, Engineering & Construction Contracts Manager, Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside, United States

"Quality control for PE pipe installations: a comparison of QC methods and an exploration of the challenges and advantages of developing new QC approaches"
Dr. Michail Kalloudis, Technical Manager, Impact Solutions, United Kingdom

"Implementation of the DVGW Technical Safety Management at ONTRAS Gastransport"
Peggy Zeppei, Head of Central Services, ONTRAS Gastransport, Germany

"Getting The New Generation To Choose For Pipelines – And Keep Them! Establishment Of Young Pipeliners Association (YPA) Europe"
Cindy Dirkx, Operations Manager / Chair, IRM Systems / Pipeliner Foundation, The Netherlands

"Where engineers learn to become pipeline engineers – or how to enable Job-based-learning"
Dr. Robert Stein, Managing Director, S&P Consult, Germany

"Stress Concentration At Real Complex Pits Of Pressurized Steel Pipes"
Mojtaba Mokhtari, PhD Researcher, University of Newcastle, Australia

"Frictional Pressure Drop Estimation Of Two-Phase Gas-Liquid Flow In Pipelines"
Zurwa Khan, Research Assistant, Texas A&M University at Qatar, Qatar

"Application Of Artificial Intelligence Methods On Realtime Laser Backscatter Data"
Richard Vogel, Research Assistant, Technische Universität Chemnitz, Germany

"Minimizing Required Sensors for Leak Detection in WDN – a Heuristic Approach"
Zahra Fereydooni, Master Student, Shiraz University, Iran

"Sandwich Pipe Joints: Design Considerations For Deepwater Installation"
Ikechukwu Onyegiri, PhD Candidate, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom

"Volume Loss, A New Parameter In Assessment Of Remaining Strength Of Pitting Corroded Steel Pipes"
Mojtaba Mokhtari, PhD Researcher, University of Newcastle, Australia

"Two Curves Method For Crack Arrest In Pipes Based On CTOA"
Guy Pluvinage, Retired Professor, France

"Optimum Design Of Offshore Gas Pipelines Crossing Active Seismic Faults In The Mediterranean Sea"
Andreas Antoniou, Senior Research Associate, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

"Effect Of Nano Particles Treated With Silane Coupling Agent On Physical And Corrosion Properties Of Heat Shrinkable Field Joint Coating"
Babak Biuk Afshari, M. Sc. Student, IUST University, Iran

"Monitoring Of Pipes By Distributed Acoustic And Fibre Optic Sensors - A Real-Scale Test On A Pipeline Under Normal Operation"
Pavol Stajanca, Scientist, Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung, Germany

"Intelligent Pigging Data Faults Analysis And Its Effect On The PIMS (Case Study: The 40-Inch Iranian Gas Transmission Pipeline - Igat 1)"
Saeid Akbarzade Omran, Pipeline Engineer, Iranian Gas Transmission Company, Iran

"Simulation The Changes In Pressure, Temperature And The Velocity Of Gas In Various Elevations Case Study On Igat-3 In Distance Of Qazvin-Rasht"
Amin Abdali, Master in system analysis, Dispatching-management, National Iranian Gas Company, Iran

"Trenchless technology renewal of existing wastewater sewer system, methods and materials "
Parastou Kharazmi, PhD Candidate, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

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